Marcus + Cynthia - St Paul’s and Royal Botanic Gardens Wedding

I'd been looking forward to Marcus and Cynthia's wedding for quite a while. I've shot a few of their friends weddings, and we had so much fun at their pre-wedding shoot last year, so I knew it was going to be a great day!

The day started, like always, with bride and groom prep. I kicked off the day by knocking over the make-up artists methodically organised box bobby clips. Have I mentioned how clumsy I am? SORRY ZOE! Luckily, it was all sunshine and rainbows after that!

The ceremony was held in St Paul’s in Parramatta with a few hundred of their closest friends. Following a morning tea, we headed to Cynthia's house for a relaxed tea ceremony with their close family. A quick lunch break later, and then off to portraits!

Portraits on the day were at a VERY windy Jones Bay Wharf, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. We had planned on doing this fun confetti shot at the Wharf but with the high wind, it ended up looking more like a very small flock of pink birds flying past at 100 miles an hour. It was great for a laugh though, and we all cracked up!

Before starting portraits around the Royal Botanic Gardens, we checked in at their reception venue; Calyx. It's a pretty new spot in the gardens, and an architecturally stunning building. I believe it has the largest indoor flower wall in Australia, very cool!

We wrapped up portraits around the garden with just an intimate session with Marcus and Cynthia, and headed back to the venue after the sun had set.

The reception featured heaps of speeches from their friends and family. A family style feast in the beautiful atrium was capped off with a MASSIVE dessert bar (happy Russ!) and cakes made by their friend, Jessica.

After the cake was cut, the dance had been danced, and the party was in full swing, we snuck out for some sneaky evening portraits in the courtyard of the venue. And just like that, 15 hours was done!

A massive congratulations to Marcus and Cynthia, and a special thank you to all vendors involved in this beautiful day.