Dea + Sugi - Sydney Engagement

Dea & Sugi are jetting off to Indonesia next month for their wedding, but not before a quick stop with us here in Sydney for some pre-wedding shots.

These two endured a last minute location change, wind, rain, and dog poop (yup). But through all the turmoil (dog poop, man), we found some amazing locations in the beautiful little suburb of Rozelle. 

I think my favourite moment of this shoot was catching Sugi out. I often tell my couples to whisper something nice in each others ear. Not only does it get really amazing reactions, but hey, who doesn't want their bae (I just learnt what bae means, so I'm trying to be cool) whispering nice things to them?! The odd thing was that every time Sugi whispered something sweet in Dea's ear, he was greeted with a swift punch to the arm. I think Sugi was saying some EXTRA special nice things to Dea. ;)

Have an amazing trip, you two. And Sugi.. be nice.