Matt + Angela

Matt and Angela recently got engaged, and gave me the honour of taking some beautiful sunset portraits for them on this cold and windy July afternoon.

Matt met Angela while they were both at university studying to be doctors. Once they both graduated, they orchestrated a way for both of them to work at the same hospital. That really struck me, loving someone so much that you can't be around them enough hours in a day. It's these little realisations that really make me cherish what I'm given the opportunity to do. 

We started our afternoon exploring the always gorgeous Centennial Park. Angela had made the most beautiful little flower crown, and while Matt DIDN'T make a flower crown, he did bring his guitar. My requests to be serenaded, however, were mostly denied. 

After we left the park, we headed to Sydney's beautiful coastline to catch the sun setting over Botany Bay. The temperature was down.. like, down down.. but Angela and Matt had absolutely no trouble keeping each other warm. As the sun crept towards the earth, bystanders joined with us in pausing life for a moment to watch it dip below the horizon. 

Another gorgeous day spent with two wonderful people. 

Hair & Makeup - Amy Chan -