Ron + Haydee - Centennial Park Pre-Wedding

First thing you need to know about Ron & Haydee is that Ron is a big New York Knicks fan. Why is this important? Well, some might argue that it's not (pfft), but it tells me that Ron is a man of character and intelligence. A well educated sort with good morals. The kind of dude who will help a little old lady across the street, then maybe dunk on her. 

Yes. Ron & I bonded over basketball. And while my team is actually the Portland Trailblazers, I admire Ron's choice to support a non-LeBron James team. Haydee, while not a Knicks fan herself, passively supports his passion, which makes her an awesome chica. So these two badass peeps together? A recipe for success, if you ask me!

We spent the afternoon exploring Sydney's Centennial Parklands, dodging impressive looking storm clouds and television film crews. It was quite the exciting event! As the sun started to dip, headed down to La Perouse for one of this region's stupid pretty sunsets. The coastline gave us a perfectly timed breeze for a sunset dance for these two love birds. Bliss.